Meet the Lab staff

The Live+Smart Research Lab’s core team includes the Director, research fellows, associate research fellows, postdoctoral fellows, a project coordinator, and research assistant. Our research lab staff are committed fulltime and casual staff members responsible for research, coordination, modelling, computing and analysis, and the day to day activities of the Lab.

Phillip B. Roös

Director: Live+Smart Research Lab / Lead Biophilic Design & Regenerative-Adaptive Design

Emma Duncan

Project Coordinator

Paras Sidiqui

Research Fellow: Urban Analytics, Remote Sensing & GIS

Murray Herron

Senior Research Fellow: GIS Dynamic Scenario Modelling

Ali Jalali

Senior Research Fellow: GIS Ecological Systems

Researchers, Research Associates and Affiliates

Unconstrained by traditional disciplines, the Live+Smart Research Lab researchers are made up of an interdisciplinary team that strive to create solutions, technologies, and experiences that enable individuals and communities to transform their lives for the better and improve the environment.

Melissa O’Shea

Clinical Psychology /
Biophilic Design & Wellbeing
Academic Lead: CHIME/School of Psychology Deakin

Arlene Walker

Organisational Psychology / Biophilic Design & Wellbeing
School of Psychology Deakin

Megan Turner

Clinical Research Associate
Mental Health & Biophilic Design
Barwon Health/CHIME/ MHDAS/Deakin

Renae Carolin

CHIME Governance and Liaison
Barwon Health/CHIME/

Simon Kilbane

Future Landscapes & Ecologies

Tyson Yunkaporta

Indigenous Knowledges

Angela Kreutz

Indigenous Architecture & Early Learning

Lana Van Galen

Architecture & Biophilic Design

Abdul-Manan Sadick

Indoor Environmental Quality & Health

Surabhi Pancholi

Smart Rural & Urban Communities

Yolanda Esteban

Designing Urban Futures

Beau Beza

Urban Design & Placemaking

Tuba Kocaturk

Integral Design
Director: MInD Lab

Seng Loke

Intelligent Built Environments
Co-Director: The IoT Platforms and Applications Lab (CITECORE)

Daniel Ierodiaconou

Coastal & Marine Environments
Lab Leader: Deakin Marine Mapping

Rui Wang

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Olubukola Tokede

Cradle to Cradle Design & Construction

Reza Hosseini

Digital Engineering & BIM

Glenn Costin

Resilient & Adaptive Communities

Farnad Nasirzadeh

Dynamic Systems

John Kite

Sustainable Construction

Zaheer Allam

Research Associate
Sustainable Cities

Jeffrey Godfredson

Research Associate
Bushfire & Emergency Services

HDR Students

Our Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students investigate innovative approaches to address the major challenges of our time, supporting the main research themes in biophilia and biophilic design, integral whole-systems thinking, regenerative-adaptive design, and scenario planning.

Xiaoyi Guan (Keyson)

PhD Candidate

Susan Ryan

PhD Candidate

Jason Singh Gaekwad

PhD Candidate

Georgina de Beaujeu

PhD Candidate

Strategic Advisory Committee

The Live+Smart Research Lab is supported by an external Strategic Advisory Committee, made up of Deakin and external stakeholders who offer input and advice on research focus areas, strategic development, collaborations and industry engagement.

Prof David Halliwell, Industry Professor, Deputy Dean SEBE, Deakin
Prof Tony Arnel, Industry Professor, Deakin/Global Director Sustainability NDY
Mr John McDonald, Chair, DesignInc.
Mr Paul Davis, CEO, Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation