Regenerative Design & Timber

Regenerative Design & Timber

A Wood Solutions Webinar

An increasing number of building professionals now are of the view that 20 – 21st century planning, design and construction of the built environment has been unimaginably bad, reckless, and unacceptable; as the way we have built our cities has resulted in a degeneration of the earth’s natural systems, now eventuating in unprecedented impacts of a changing climate, and we have pushed beyond the planetary boundaries that can sustain life. The current status quo is to apply the concept of ‘sustainability’ to the discourse of our actions in planning, design, development, manufacturing, and construction, even agriculture and forestry. However, sustainability is not good enough, as to ‘sustain’ is still part of a degenerating system – we need to go beyond sustainability to move from a degenerative system to a regenerative system.

Regenerative Design provides the opportunity to restore, renew, revitalize, and replenish our natural resources. The aim of the process is to achieve net-positive impacts for nature, ecology, health and society.

In this webinar Dr Phillip Roös an international expert in Environmental Design, will explore this exciting new direction in thinking and practice, including how timber use, and regenerative forestry, could be part of a regenerative-adaptive future for our planet.


Date: 17th August 2021

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