Research Areas

Supporting the four core research themes, our researchers collaborate with industry partners in innovative research areas of enquiry. Embedded in an evolutionary process, these research areas constantly change over time, adapting and evolving to address the needs of our partners and our communities.

Biophilia & Wellbeing

Embedded in the Biophilia hypothesis, we are enhancing human and nature’s wellbeing through biophilic design.

Restorative Environments Design

Shaping the relationship between restorative environments and architectural design, establishing qualities of an environment that is psychologically restorative.

Biophilic Urbanism

Promoting the benefits of nature in cities, we apply whole ecological systems to inform the design principles of future biophilic cities and regions

Future Landscapes & Ecologies

We investigate holistic landscape planning and ecological design at all scales through diverse tools and methods.

Geodesign & Scenario Planning

Using advanced GIS digital twin technologies and scenario modelling to plan regions, cities, towns and neighbourhoods to solve complex issues and achieve sustainable development goals

Remote Sensing & Digital Mapping

Enhancing ecological outcomes and ecosystem services through remote sensing and digital mapping of inland, coastal and marine environments

Smart Rural & Urban Communities

Creating smart communities by integrating innovative technologies, design and planning solutions to address contemporary spatio-environmental and socio-economic challenges

Designing Urban Futures

Engaging local communities and decision-makers through the discourse of urban design with a focus on place-based future visioning

Intelligent Built Environments

Enhancing Built Environments via Human-Centric Sensing and Artificial Intelligence

Transport Futures

Investigating cost-effective, smart and future-ready transport technologies and solutions to support liveable, connected and resilient communities

Pattern Languages

Developing integral pattern languages to inform the design and planning of built and natural environments, supporting regenerative and adaptive futures

Place-Based Design

Drawing knowledge and inspiration from the landscape and communities to provide design solutions that respond to and create place

Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Nurturing respectful landscapes that heal and re-invigorate Country and its cultural narratives

Transformative Integral Design

We solve complex problems by applying the four quadrants of integral design that intersect individual and collective phenomena with objective and subjective knowledge.

Regenerative Development & Design

Moving beyond sustainability, we develop regenerative design and planning models that are based on the reconnection of human activities with the evolutionary processes of natural systems.

Cradle to Cradle Design & Construction

Developing and implementing holistic life cycle approaches to improve decision-making aptitudes and enhancing reliability of life cycle models

Resilient & Adaptive Communities

Enabling the development of community lead bioinclusive and contextual strategies of resilience and adaptation relating to climatic and social change