Bring Nature back into the City – Geelong Design Week 2021

Bring Nature back into the City – Geelong Design Week 2021

The Live+Smart Research Laboratory at the School of Architecture and Built Environment, Deakin University is collaborating with industry partners – The School of Lost Arts, Creative Geelong Makers Hub, GHD and Vidler Gallery in various Geelong Design Week 2021 exhibitions and events to promote biophilia and the importance of bringing nature back into our cities.


The Journey of Extraordinary Encounters

Enter the world of nature’s design principles, following an interactive trail to uncover biophilic design in the city and experience what nature can teach us about how to live better in the urban environment. This event is a deconstructed exhibition and experienced across three locations, Johnstone Park, Little Malop Street precinct and the Geelong Botanic Gardens. The trail includes direct experiences of nature, hidden design gems and the work of leading artists and designers in windows and places in the city, bringing these exciting ideas to life.

This event is presented by The School of Lost Arts, Deakin University Live+Smart Research Lab and the IT Dept. Launch Pad, Tract Consultants Geelong, OneMap, and CartDeco Cartographics. 

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Rewilding the City

The role of abundant wild nature in a truly sustainable city is often undervalued. Evidence shows that the integration of natural systems in urban and suburban areas helps cities cope with climate change impacts, as well as enhancing the health and wellbeing of urban populations. But what might a biophilic city look like and how could its residents benefit from a city that embraces nature through a spectrum of green infrastructure solutions? 

Explore alternate possibilities of Geelong as a Nature-full City – Rewilding the City – through design ideas from students, researchers and academics that propose an integrated ecosystem across rooftops, city plazas and future growth areas.

Online exhibition at  View window displays at CentrePoint Arcade, 132 Little Malop Street, Geelong.


Love of Water – Aquaphilia

All living creatures on earth have an innate connection to water, in fact, we cannot survive without water. This deep affiliation to water heightens our sensory experiences and attachment to place, where beautiful landscapes along waterways gets settled by humans since ancient times. In the exhibition `Aquaphilia`, five multidisciplinary practitioners and artists submerge into the depths of their practice to produce works reflective of a ‘Love of Water`. The collection of contemporary visual and interactive artworks underpinned by the adoration for hydration, raises questions of social and environmental consciousness.

 Visit the exhibition at Vidler Art Parlour, Suite 11/138A Malop Street, Geelong. Further information and online exhibition at


Building Better Blocks

In the event Geelong, building better blocks, Associate Professor Dr Phill Roös participate in a thought-provoking panel discussion lead by former GHD Market Lead and AWA President, Lindsay Brown. The event explores how we can ‘build better blocks’ to make unpredictable cities more predictable in relation to architectural design, infrastructure, and prosperity that includes a natureful city of Geelong. ​​​​​​​Register for this event at: